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Diversity& Inclusion Training

Be culturally competent.

Succeed at becoming an inclusive leader in your industry.

Welcome to Simply Good Form inclusion education training.

Beyond unchecked-bias. Beyond binary
Simply Good Form is an agency of education and change; designed to inspire thought-based conversations through classroom-based learning seminars, business-2-business workshops and training development sessions.

We empower organizations, service providers and early childhood educators to create inclusive spaces and BE culturally competent with knowledge and confidence.

We are glad you're here!

Every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive, be accepted and feel safe.

Through thought leadership, advisory services and education, Simply Good Form empowers clients with confidence and actionable tools to move beyond gender normative practices and create safe and welcoming spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ employees, students, contractors, clients and suppliers.


We're proudly building bridges beyond-the-binary for a more inclusive future. Certify your team with confidence to perform their roles with cultural competency, intersectional understanding of marginalized communities and the inclusive language confidence to empower your service delivery and ensure no person is left behind.  

Simply Good Form Consultancy is based in Nova Scotia and facilitates training and company partnerships across Canada. 
As a socially-focused business, we've been giving back and supporting local 2SLGBTQ+ communities since 2018!

Our professional and specialized inclusion programs give you certified skills, focusing on building ethically inclusive organizations. 

Empower your organization or business with the language and tools to welcome and serve clients and customers with cultural competency.
Work with us.  Change the narrative.
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"Everything in this workshop I found to be very beneficial and informative. It was probably the best training I have received on this topic."

V.B. Bridgewater, NS

Lunenburg Queens Recreation, Summer Staff Training Workshop

June 2021