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2020 Inclusive Schools Read Nova Scotia

On Friday, February 28 the 2nd annual 'Inclusive Classrooms Read Nova Scotia' will take place across the province, alongside 'I Am Jazz' readings across North America.  

This year we've added 2 more books to choose from Plus Vanity Stations will be hosting a Drag Queen Story-time at Halifax North Memorial Library from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.!

We read to give visibility, combat stigma and educate inclusively to support transgender and non-binary students everywhere. Visibility sparks inclusion. Visibility makes safer space for everyone. 

Change the narrative -- Change lives!

Sign-up before February 28th to Host a FREE Community Reading and we'll send your Facilitators Kit and Resources PDF. 


Community Partners and Ally Schools be posted here too!

In your home, your school, your library -- We've got the tools to help you host a successful and inspiring event.

CHOOSE from these 3 Gender Inclusive, Primary+ Approved Storybooks:


Schools will be reading throughout the day across the province. See our ally page here!  


To partake in our Drag Queen Story-time with Vanity Station visit our ally page.

Pflag Halifax and Lunenburg PRIDE Volunteers will be available to help at certain locations upon request!  

We look forward to sharing and making this a positive Nova Scotia Community Reads for all.  


Simply Good Form Consultancy is excited to support our Nova Scotia allies, teachers, educators and families. This event is supported by local organizations and non-profits:  Pflag Halifax, Lunenburg PRIDE and BriAnna Simons Therapeutic Services.  Thank you!

#2020InclusiveNovaScotia #inclusionmatters

See our Community Partners and ally Schools.

Times and locations will be updated for the community partner readings.

We look forward to sharing and making this a positive Nova Scotia Community Reads for all.   

#inclusionmatters  #2020InclusiveNovaScotia

Inclusive Classrooms Nova Scotia Reads I

A picture book introducing the concepts of gender identity to the youngest reader. And our pick for this year's read!

Some people are boys.

Some people are girls.

Some people are both, neither, or somewhere in between. 

This sweet, straightforward exploration of gender identity will give children a fuller understanding of themselves and others. With child-friendly language and vibrant art, It Feels Good to Be Yourself provides young readers and parents alike with the vocabulary to discuss this important topic with sensitivity.


Winner of Kirkus Reviews Best Books of the Year!

It Feels Good To Be Yourself

I Am Jazz, written by HRC Foundation Youth Ambassador Jazz Jennings and author Jessica Herthel, is the first-person account about being transgender.


This beloved storybook is written with young listeners in mind, fostering understanding around transgender children and is suitable for every classroom. 


Jennings was one of the first openly transgender children to talk publicly about her identity and the challenges she has faced as a transgender youth.


Gender Inclusive books like this one will help young children understand transgender and gender diverse youth and adults


I Am Jazz

This heartwarming and adorable debut picture book tells the story of a young unicorn who was born under the sea to a family of narwhals.


Growing up in the ocean, Kelp has always assumed that he was a narwhal like the rest of his family. Sure, he’s always been a little bit different—his tusk isn’t as long, he’s not as good of a swimmer, and he really doesn’t enjoy the cuisine. Then one night, an extra strong current sweeps Kelp to the surface, where he spots a mysterious creature that looks just like him! Kelp discovers that he and the creature are actually unicorns.


The revelation leaves him torn: is he a land narwhal or a sea unicorn? But perhaps, if Kelp is clever, he may find a way to have the best of both worlds.

Not Quite Narwhal

Insta_Inclusive Classrooms Read 2020-Fin


Host a Community Reading at School, a Library or in your home: 


Find a Community Reading and see our list of Ally Schools: 


Become a PFLAG Community Reads Volunteer Facilitator:


Watch Jazz Jennings read 'I Am Jazz' (for those who do not have a book). Video readings of other books available upon request. 



  • Lesson Plans and Discussion Kit

  • Online Support and Training

  • PFLAG Volunteer Facilitation upon request - we'll be pleased to have one of our volunteers visit your reading, while slots available!



Don't have a copy of a book?

Connect with us about hosting a video viewing or

I AM Jazz read by Jazz Jennings or a

Drag Queen story time reading of Not Quite Narwhal or It Feels Good To Be Yourself


#2020InclusiveNovaScotia #inclusionmatters

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