Updated WPATH Standards of Care 8.0 and Gender Affirming Care Nova Scotia

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UPDATED:  On October 11, 2022, Gender Affirming Care Nova Scotia (GACNS) went before a Standing Committee and Province House to communicate a list of Action Items of critical importance to improving the health of trans and non-binary people throughout Nova Scotia.


Photo: Riley Nielsen-Baker (They/Them), GACNS speaking at Province House.

Along with a handful of parents and advocates, we joined them from the balcony to show our support:

Ahead of October 11th, Hey, Cis! co-host Cyn Sweeney had an opportunity to chat with Riley about the WPATH Standards of Care and the Call-To-Action they are bringing before Nova Scotia MLA's.  A clip of the interview can be seen above.

Scroll down for full list of Action Items.


Veronica Merryfield presenting to MLA's in Province House (left). Proud parents and advocates Cynthia Sweeney (She/Her) and Megan Kean (She/Her) showing their support for GACNS.

Gender Affirming Care Nova Scotia:

Here is how you CAN help:

WPATH Standards of Care Version 8

The new version of the Standards of Care recommendations have been released by World Professional Association of Transgender Health in September 2022. 

Here is a link to a video explaining the updated recommendations, and some basic timeline information.

We will be updating this post occasionally with answers to questions we receive, as well as interviews with local advocacy groups such as Gender Affirming Care Nova Scotia.


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