Books and Tunes: Our 'Jingle This' Holiday List of music and teen reads

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Isaac, Emma and Cyn take to the snow-capped mountains of Zoom-background-mayhem and get festive for December connection

Have you ever wondered if there is a genre of Queer holiday tunes that you may be missing out on when your festive playlist is feeling a little tired? Or perhaps you're looking for a great book for that special 2SLGBTQ+ tween or teen in your life?

For the December episode of Hey, Cis! our Connected Communities moment with TD Bank Group is all about holiday music, tween/teen books and 'Ending the Year Extra Queer'!

What are you listening too and reading this month?

Share your faves in the comment section below or add a song to our 'Hey,Cis! Jingle This' Spotify playlist.

Hey, Cis! episode 36 is our 2022 year-end podcast where we're sharing some good spirit and festive enthusiasm. The team at SGF reflect back on the year and with of our highlights; as well as connect with two of our locally, Queer-owned shops for some of their tween/teen 'must-read' Gift Books.

And because sometimes your holiday playlist needs an overhaul, scroll down and tune-in check to a few of our toe-tapping faves for the season.


Image: Isaac, Emma and Cyn getting frosty
during the recording of S3:E35 of Hey, Cis! podcast


Hey, Cis! Jingle This - Holiday Playlist

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