TDoV 2022 and celebrating visibility in inclusive reading event author blog books childrens books ctv event gender identity inclusive read kids media parenting the pink balloon trans youth transyouth Mar 31, 2022


 I recently shared this before Trans Day of Visibility 2022 and thought it may prove helpful for those looking to join the conversation in breaking down the biases within our gender-scripted society.

Below are a few thoughts and tips on visible inclusion for you.

I really...

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Celebrating The Pink Balloon on CTV Your Morning in December 2021 books childrens books ctv media the pink balloon Dec 07, 2021

Nationally celebrating the publishing of The Pink Balloon is one of the biggest highlights of 2021 for both Cynthia and BriAnna. We are so grateful for the everyone who has and is supporting launching this story into the world and for all the positive responses.  Feeling blessed!


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Simply Good Form Inc.
In the Media
In the Media advocacy cbc ctv media name change pronouns Sep 09, 2021

Advocacy is a HUGE piece of the inclusion work we do at Simply Good Form Inc. 

Here is a compilation of some of this advocacy, outreach and media. 

“Queer all year”

Cynthia and Isaac talking inclusion in Summer 2022 issue The Business Voice with Halifax Chamber of Commerce:

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