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Rustic Beach Path

The Pink Balloon

Based on real life experiences, The Pink Balloon is the story about a baby named Briar, a box of balloons and a surprise.



Cynthia and BriAnna are beyond EXCITED to be bringing this heartwarming children's story

to you in FALL 2021!

We hope you will be excited to support our Kickstarter which is LIVE on June 30th!

We appreciate your support and believing in

The Pink Balloon.

Supporting our Kickstarter Campaign
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Watercolor Butterfly 12
Briar and friends flying kites
Authors of The Pink Balloon, Cynthia Sweeney and BriAnna Simons

Author Cynthia Sweeney and Co-Author BriAnna Simons

Watercolor Butterfly 12
Watercolor Butterfly 12

A Kickstarter Reward

For our kickstarter campaign, local artist and illustrator, Briana Corrs Scott created a beautiful enamel butterfly pin with the trans colours. Throughout The Pink Balloon, the butterfly is a symbol of resilience and strength, honouring trans and gender expansive people and allyship

Watercolor Butterfly 12
The ultrasound

The ultrasound

Briana Corrs Scott illustrating The Pink Balloon

Studio illustrations

Studio illustrations

Briana Corrs Scott in her studio illustrating The Pink Balloon.

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The Pink Balloon
ISBN: 978-1-7775816-1-9
Registered Feb. 2021


Watercolor Butterfly 12