Hey Cis! Podcast 

With Isaac (They/He) and Cyn (She/Her)

A beyond binary journey to being a better human. Join our head-on conversation about current affairs and gender-based issues affecting transgender and non-binary youth, students, and adults within Canada.

Hosts Cyn and Isaac give arts, culture, doers & dreamers a beyond binary twist in this Atlantic Canadian conversational talk show; breaking down cis-normative bias, smashing stigma, and fostering a greater connection between cisgender and trans, and non-binary communities.

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"I have a 15 year old that just came out as transgender. I have been listening to all your podcast interviews and you have helped me a lot already..."

- Parent Listener, May 2022

" I just listened to the first part of your travel series. It was fantastic and very informative. Thank you for doing this, looking forward to Part 2"

- Listener, S2: E:29 Traveling While Trans, The Baggage Fee for Biological Bias

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