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Hey, Cis!

Hey Cis! Podcast 

With Isaac (They/He) and Cyn (She/Her)

A beyond binary journey to being a better human. Join our head-on conversation about current affairs and gender-based issues affecting transgender and non-binary youth, students, and adults within Canada.

Hosts Cyn and Isaac give arts, culture, doers & dreamers a beyond binary twist in this Atlantic Canadian conversational talk show; breaking down cis-normative bias, smashing stigma, and fostering a greater connection between cisgender and trans, and non-binary communities.

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"I have a 15 year old that just came out as transgender. I have been listening to all your podcast interviews and you have helped me a lot already..."

- Parent Listener, May 2022

" I just listened to the first part of your travel series. It was fantastic and very informative. Thank you for doing this, looking forward to Part 2"

- Listener, S2: E:29 Traveling While Trans, The Baggage Fee for Biological Bias


With TD Connected Community Moments. CONTEST is now closed. Click to check out our list of Summer Book Recommendations!

We asked listeners to share what is one of YOUR recommended Queer summer reads?

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