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The Clothesline is presently limited due to current COVID restrictions.


Our goal is to source gently used clothing for children, youth, teens and adults who are in-transition with limited means.


Our goal is to help support trans youth, teens and adults who are transitioning, by sourcing locally donated clothing on a one-to-one, custom-need basis.


There are many aspects to socially transitioning for a transgender and gender diverse person.


Clothing that affirms the gender you identify with can be a lifeline that dramatically increases the quality of a person's everyday life. 


In Transition Clothesline's goal is to source gently-used clothing (from coats to boots!) that will affirm each individual's gender in their style and size.

We recognize that this can be a timely, financial and emotional challenge for families who are in the process of sourcing affirmative care.

Let us help to ease the barriers and make your journey a little smoother.  You are not alone.


Research shows that along with supporting a child, having access to social transition tools (clothing, name, pronoun) is vital to improving the lives of trans youth who wish to transition. (Families in Transition)


In a recent survey with trans youth across Canada, those who were living full-time in their felt gender were almost 50% more likely to report good or excellent mental health than those who were not (Veale et al., 2015).

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In need of support

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We will confidentially source items for you or your child. Once received, we will arrange collection either directly with us or at your preference at Guardian Pharmacy, Kingswood,

Hammonds Plains, NS



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Please let us know if you live locally and what kind of items you have available (Gender/Size). If you're elsewhere in Nova Scotia, we're happy to explore options!


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Please donate

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  • Trans masculine clothing in size Medium. Size 34"waist and 16" neck. Variety of clothing needed including a suit.

  • Masculine footwear in size 9


In Transition wish list

Let us help source gently used clothing for you or your family member.​



Make a donation to PFLAG Canada and your genderosity will translate locally by means of a a local clothing gift card or newly sourced clothing at special rates, including binders and other gender affirming personal items.

Specify PFLAG Halifax and support local.

Give love. Inspire Change.


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With special thanks to our Ally partner, Guardian Pharmacy in Hammonds Plains.

Please note: Unfortunately IN TRANSITION CLOTHESLINE can not accept random donations and do kindly request you connect with us first, due to storage space and capacity. 

We source donations on an as-needed basis to custom tailor for every child and family.

For more info about PFLAG Halifax please visit our FaceBook page or our national PFLAG Canada website.

For more info about transgender and diverse youth, please check out our Resource page. Thanks for your support.

Guardian Pharmacy: 3 Kingswood Dr, Hammonds Plains, (Nova Scotia), B4B 0P3