Halifax PRIDE Festival 2019

Sea Beyond Binary 

Performers Bios

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Host Elle Noir, Halifax Pride Ambassador 2019


Chris Cochrane is a prominent and beloved community advocate and entertainer in Halifax’s 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Originally from Cape Breton, Chris moved to Halifax in 2005 and has preformed drag in our city for 14 years. She has grown to infamy as the show-stopping performer, Elle Noir. 


Chris is one of the first transgender women to star in a Canadian drama series, playing roles such as Chanel in Sex & Violence.


Chris is also known and respected as a trans activist.

Haus of Jeckyll

The Haus of Jeckyll is an amazing Drag Queen Trio who perform locally in Halifax and a variety of places in Canada & the USA

Heckella, the mother of the Haus, has been performing as a queen for over 10 years. Her amazing sewing skills ensure that her outfits are always on point. She's fierce and fiery and she knows how to strut her stuff!

Eden, the first daughter of the Haus, started drag 5+ years ago & has shown audiences what an incredible high energy performer she is.  She's passionate, hilarious and she always brings something new to the runway!

Miranda, 2nd daughter of the Haus, started at the same time over 5 years ago.  Her makeup skills have excelled so much that she is among the best in Halifax!  She's gorgeous and fabulous and always serves fantastic looks.