About the Challenge

I've had to fill out a lot of forms lately.

Forms for myself.

Forms for my family.

It's a no-brainer. I'm an F. Always have been. Always will be.

But not everyone's box can be easily ticked.

Every time I'm presented with a choice to select F for Female, or M for Male, I can't help but feel the organization, the person or the place asking for my information is leaving out an entire population of people.

They're missing an opportunity to walk-the-walk of inclusivity.

Life isn't as simple as two boxes. And if we can't remove the boxes - let's make sure we're all included.


I recently listened to a Ted Talk about Gender.

An inspiring medical professional was speaking about identity and gender as a spectrum.

Many of us never have to contemplate this, because like me, their box has been simply ticked throughout their lives.

And why should we need to think about something that doesn't touch us directly?

Because... 1,000,000,000,000+ Fingerprints

We all begin as a single cell; a single cell that multiplies more than a trillion times before we're even born. Splitting and dividing and multiplying; leaving us with unique fingerprints whereby no two alike exist in the world; we're all unique. Hooray!

But then we're divided and labelled into our category, M or F, before we even know who we really are. Not-so-hooray.

As good citizens, we want to BE inclusive, and yet categorizing people into two simple boxes M | F to define their existence is anything but inclusive.

I'm drawing a line.

4 to be exact. 4 little lines in the shape of BOX on every form I come across because, it's one thing to say 'inclusive'. But it's another to 'BE inclusive'.

I challenge you to join me.

We talk-the-talk, like we're an inclusive Canada.

An inclusive Nova Scotia.

An inclusive Halifax.

But there's a failure to connect the dots. It's written in print.

It's time we walk-the-walk starting here and hopefully growing...there.

Add-A-Box. Simple change = Powerful impact, with hope.

Special Note:

This Challenge takes no rights away from anyone -- it doesn't hurt anybody.
It costs nothing and takes no extra time from your day.
But hopefully, it will offer a small 'tick of a box' to building a more inclusive future.

#AddABoxChallenge #SimplyGoodForm