Being visible #TDoV2018

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Today is Trans Day Of Visibility 2018. Many of you may not know what this day is all about. But there's a place here for everyone. Not just those in the Invisible Parents Club.

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), a day dedicated to the progress of transgender people, the importance of visibility and the unfinished work in the push for equality.

Today, I celebrate an amazing person who is extremely special to me.

I dedicate this post my son, who is a fierce champion for being himself - no matter how much adversity he faces. His classmates know who he is. But there are many more children like him who are invisible. There are at least 240,000 gender diverse and transgender children in Canada*. Chances are a few have touched your lives without you even knowing it.

Dillon spent the last 2 months sketching and designing a pretty spectacular poster with and for gender creative and transgender youth from all across Canada.

'We are artists. We are dancers. We are free-spirit, bucket-filling rebels and we are human.

His poster is for all the vulnerable children who identify differently. They need the support of their communities. They need their country and the world to know this day is about acceptance and not tolerance.

I ache with hope for the day when everyday is a visibility day for trans people and we can live in a world where gender and identity don't define us into one box or another or leave us in a place where we feel afraid to be who we really are.

You are not alone. #YouAreEnough

And it's an important day for friends, families and ally's of transgender people to take some time to see trans people for whom they really are and learn how to support change for a more inclusive future. #InclusionMatters

I'm grateful for my family and our friends for opening your minds, your hearts and for not being afraid to ask appropriate questions; and also for your acceptance and unflinching support.

#TDOV2018 #InclusionMatters

How to be an Trans Ally?

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Trans visibility matters. It helps eliminate barriers. And while I have so many goals for my future, I also know that our time as young people isn’t tomorrow, it’s today. I can be visible now.

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Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas, Poet

* There are 8 million children in Canada and statistics indicate approximately 3% of the population identify as transgender. This number is likely highly under-reported due to the adversity and stigma trans people experience due to lack of societal acceptance and support.