Business Add-A-Box Challenge

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

How long would it take to update a business form to be inclusive for all your clients?

Your Challenge: Add-A-Box to the standard forms you present to your valued clients:

Spark a contemplation, validate a person, BE inclusive.

Large changes CAN come in a small box.

It's about showing your clients you offer a safe place to be yourself; and also that your business is accepting of everyone and all individuals.

Whether or not a single client ever chooses to tick the 'Other' box, the key is 'Choice'.

Your Business/Questionnaire/Medical Form's statement is simple:

I respect you. I recognize you as a person. You are welcome here.

Whether your company opts to add one box. Or more.

This is about walking-the-walk of inclusivity.

Here's where we can ALL be an Ambassador for Change by simply adding an Optional box in the 'Sex Category' of the numerous forms you fill in.

And ask yourself, 'Are you asking a person's sex'? Or 'Are you asking their Gender Identity?' And is this information essential for how you conduct business?

If it's not - perhaps you don't even need the boxes, but rather a "How do you Identify?" line.

If it is - then go ahead and, Add-A-Box!

An additional Gender Identification Box will tell your clients, Gender Identity matters - and you recognize there is more than simply F and M in this great big world. A world that can appear to be filled with division, with criticism, with discrimination and with growing fear when it comes to discussions about Gender.

For people who identify as non-binary, gender fluid, gender neutral, have unique pronouns, or simply prefer to tick the 'Other', it's time inclusion isn't taken for granted.

We hope the simple addition of a Box can start a contemplation for those who have never had to consider an alternative to M or F before.

Thanks for meeting the Challenge!

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