Citizen Add-A-Box Challenge

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Your Challenge: Simply Add-A-Box.

Next time you're sitting in that office, handed that clipboard, and asked to fill out a form that only has a choice of M or F - add a box.

Large change can come from a small box.

It's a simple statement. Is it about Sex or Identity? Is it meaningful?

Add-A-Box to tell your service provider, you recognize there are more than 2 categories of people. We, as people, fit into more than one box and everyone deserves to be recognized, validated, included.

Simply Good Forms

A simple change for choice that doesn't hurt anybody.

Expanding the rights and freedoms of others, doesn't take away an individual rights. It expands the boxes.

Whether you identify as Female, Male, Gender Neutral, Gender Fluid -- an optional box for individuals to include their pronouns, their identity is, simply good form.

#AddABoxChallenge #SimplyGoodForm