Gender Inclusion at Canadian Universities

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

There are growing good-news inclusion stories at Canadian universities and we're happy to share them.

The latest comes from my own former uni campus in London, Ontario where Western University is taking a new and progressive look at campus housing:

“We have a really diverse student body,” Alleyne said. “We're trying to ensure that there's a diversity of housing options for incoming students.”,

Western to offer mixed-gender housing in September

“We wanted to provide our students with choice,” said Chris Alleyne, director of residences at Western.

Other universities with gender-inclusion movements include University of Toronto, UTM, Ryerson and UPEI.

All gender washrooms — with multiple stalls — opening on UPEI campus

"It will enable people to go to the washroom where they are, instead of possibly leaving a building and going to another building just to use the washroom," Smith said.

For many students living away from home for the first time, it's hopeful to see University and College campuses becoming more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

Change is happening and the future looks bright.