Inclusion at the polls: Tips for those working the election this Monday

A few short days until voting stations open across the country. My eldest child is still several months away from being able to cast their own vote. They've strong opinions and are actively engaged in the conversation. They just won't have their say this time around.

My youngest... several years away still. I can't help wondering about the level of sensitivity training those working the poll stations have received? Because one day, my child will be old enough to vote. And every time I.D. is involved, as a mama bear, well, I get a little stressed.

Stressed that those on the receiving end are getting it right and aren't going to cause embarrassment, hurt or harm to my child. And I'm thinking about every trans and non-binary person heading to the polls in a few days. And I hope it's a good experience for them.

I have heard repeatedly over the last month, with disappointment from several trans friends, that despite legal name changes and notifications to Elections Canada, they've received voter cards with incorrect and potentially harmful, information. Information that is incongruent with who they are.

I created this. It's not perfect. And I can only speak from my own considerations. But I share with the hope it'll be read by a few folks working the polls next week.

If you wonder, 'why does this matter?' or 'I likely won't have a transgender or non-binary person come to my station?' You may need to consider, 'are you thinking from a privileged and non-marginalized perspective?'

Have you experienced anxiety going to the polls? If not, read on and know, information, kindness and language bares weight. And it's simply good form. Oh yes... and it's also a human right.

#inclusionmatters #everyonesvote #lgbtq #2Slgbtq