Why we care about 'A kid named Jake'

Updated: May 7, 2018

Ever wonder about the phenomenon of visibility? The idea that say, a person becomes pregnant and then BAM, everywhere you look there's pregnant people?

In reality, are there actually more pregnant people? Or could it be they're only visible to you now, because they're relevant?

When I saw this new movie trailer for 'A Kid Named Jake', my heart started pounding and I kind experienced that phenomenon. I watched Claire Dane character's face with all her motherly love and fear and the need to protect her child. It mirrored my own.

It somehow, even though no one else was watching the trailer with me, it made me feel visible.

The trailer conveys a heartfelt story, in the genre of films like, Wonder, with a strong cast of actors and is about a four-year-old who is bright, precocious, creative—and just happens to prefer Disney princesses to toy cars and skirts to jeans.

Whether or not it delivers is yet to be seen, but I look forward to seeing it.

I write a lot about the importance of visibility. As a mom of a bright, precocious and creative trans child, amidst all my pride and my love, I often feel invisible. Because, being a parent of a gender non-conforming or transgender child is irrelevant to 97% of the population. When it's not invisible, it's often received with sympathy or hostility; sideways looks or silence.

When really, for my kid, I just want us all to be accepted and understood; received with kindness and simple normalcy.

It seems to me, the fear and discrimination society has today surrounding gender and gender identity, well, it's similar to where society was surrounding the gay and lesbian community about 30 to 40 years ago. We've a long way to go. But hopefully not decades.

Lately, and maybe it's my pregnancy phenomenon, just witnessing main stream media making a push to help foster more positive conversations around de-stigmatizing one of the most vulnerable community of people in society; the trans community... well, it's inspiring.

TV series like The Good Doctor and Grey's Anatomy are but a couple headliners sharing stories of transgender people, played by transgender actors, and they're spreading a message to the world that being trans isn't about trend or about confusion. It's about being authentically you. And it's not something scary.

Simply put, in Out magazine: "How trans folks are represented is a matter of life and death for us."

Trans Visibility in Media & the Importance of Authentic Storytelling

Gender is a spectrum. It's not a pathological condition. It's a genetic trait, like eye or hair colour. It's more rare. And it's societies treatment towards gender identity that creates the confusion.

With every new story that is shared, or topic that is addressed mildly or otherwise, by Hollywood, my eyes will water with hope that we're moving towards ending the stigma.

There is still so much work to be done for the whole LGBTQ2+ community.

And we'll continue to share the good news stories.

Because, it's simply good form. #inclusionmatters