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For anyone looking to gain inclusion skills and language that challenges binary biases and promotes cultural competency. Certificate Workshop.


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Elevate your awareness and competency. Designed for you or your team to acquire knowledge, communication skills, inclusive behaviour and interrupt biases around gender identity and sexual orientation.


What you'll get:

  • Communications skills and beyond binary language competency
  • Awareness of the diversity that exists within your workspace and how to foster inclusive policies, practices and spaces
  • Cultural competency around usage of pronouns and respecting identities and celebrating diversity

This course is a detailed introduction to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression and inclusion concepts to inspire active allyship and cultural competency.


Course Overview:

  • Gender Identity vs. Sexual Orientation
  • Where does identity come from?
  • Terminology and definitions of sex and gender: LGB and TQ2
  • Gender Expression and Gender Identity
  • Marginalization of trans and non-binary people
  • Human Rights in Canada and LGBTQ2 History
  • Intersections of Homophobia and Transphobia
  • Pronouns and Language
  • Building my Ally Toolkit
  • Resources


This course will take approximately 3 hours.

It may be completed at your own pace.

Upon completion it will be available to you online for 21 days. After this time you will still have access to all your downloads and be entered into our online members resource group!

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Breaking the Binary: Diversity and Inclusion Course

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