Pflag Canada is excited to announce the release of their youth poster, designed right here in Nova Scotia!


'The poster was designed to inspire thoughtful discussion on transphobia, compassion, and a celebration of identity and understanding of diversity. Dillon (he/him), who was 11-years-old at the time of the poster's creation, was inspired by his mother who wanted him to know he was not alone. In discussing the poster, Cyndi recalls the need to create this project:


"Having transitioned in elementary school, being young and transgender, Dillon experienced isolation. Through his love of art and drawing, together we came up with this project and it was a wonderful way for him to connect with other trans children and feel seen. It's hard to know if Dillon realizes now the true impact his artwork will have on others, but the project enabled him to channel his creativity, during a challenging time; weaving youth together from one coast to another."'


Thanks to Dillon's wonderful talents as well as the generosity of ROGERS Canada, Pflag Canada is distributing these double sided, bilingual posters to Chapters across Canada.


Eye See You Poster

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  • You can collect your poster in Halifax or near Bridgewater, Nova Scotia upon request.

    Or shipping will be applied.

    If you are not in Nova Scotia, please contact your local chapter of Pflag Canada to get your FREE poster!