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In this Full Professional Development Workshop course you'll be empowered with the tools be an active ally leader in education around inclusive education for trans and gender expansive students.


‘As an SSRCE (South Shore Regional Centre for Education) Administrator, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Cynthia Sweeney. Simply put, Cynthia embodies the philosophy of inclusion. Her devotion for creating a better, more accepting future for our youth is evident. It was the most educational and thought provoking hour I have spent in a very long time.’

Cathy Shaw - SSRCE Administrator

Nova Scotia, Feb. 2021


Course Overview:

Throughout this course you will be given knowledge and actionable tools to fill your ally toolkit to:

  • understand what it can mean to be transgender, non-binary or gender expansive;
  • understand the importance of pronouns;
  • to be able to talk with your students and be confident in expanding students’ perception and understanding of gender
  • to be able to foster ally ship in students, providing ways in which your students can understand what it can mean to be transgender, non-binary or gender expansive, using developmentally appropriate language for both young and older students.


This course will provide an overview of marginalization trans, non-binary and gender expansive youth experience through an intersectional lens. We will also share a brief history as it relates to the LGBTQ2 community in Canada.

You will be empowered with ideas to incorporate inclusive practices around gender identity into your classroom blueprint and foster allyship around gender within your students.

How To Build Inclusive Classes101

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