How do you handle the tough stuff?

How do you support a student who is in transition, gender questionning or transgender; when maybe their parents or caregivers need some information or have some concerns?


Going beyond binary is new for many people as we live in a predominantly binary world - and it's OK to be unsure, scared... worried.


I wanted to create a quick resource to help support educators who are supporting gender expansive students and may be faced with some questions or uncertainities from outside the classroom.  This can be a helpful tool to bridge the gap and foster education for everyone -- because it is a journey.


This support poster was inspired by Gender Spectrum Org and please visit their website for detailed Talking Points to help support you in supporting trans and non-binary students.



Proceeds from every purchase of an SGF printables and downloadble resources go to support our 2SLGBTQ+ non-profit work through Hey, Cis! Podcast, our outreach programs and our navigational resource support.

We are grateful!

School-To-Home Bridge: Talking Points

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