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Education in Schools and in the Workplace

Simply Good Form Consultancy and Pflag Halifax provide customized presentations and workshops for every space

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Access books with classroom lesson plans focused on Gender Identity and Gender Diversity for K-6+

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Are you considering transition while working?

Our team would be happy to support you with advice, confidential communication and support. 


Here is an In-Transition Workplace Support Form which can be used to kick-start communications between you and your employer. Simply print it off and begin.  Or you're welcome to fill in online and request support free of charge from our team members. This confidential. We do not collect names or email addresses, unless otherwise volunteered.

Inclusion matters - and we're here to ensure your transition at work is a positive experience, free from unnecessary bias and stress.

NS dept. of ed.

NS Dept. of Ed Official Policy on Gender Marker and Name Changes.

Name and Gender Markers in NS Schools

CTV News about Gender Marker and Name Change updates in PowerSchool Policy


Brief peak at SGF School Inclusion Planning Guide tips for transgender allies:

Tips for being an Ally

Using Chosen Names Reduces Odds of Depression and Suicide in Transgender Youths


Resource Guide for LGBTQ Students:

This is mostly American-based resources and it covers everything from scholarships and grants for students, how to find local LGBTQ+ events, clubs and organizations, and how to fight discrimination and cyberbullying - which is so important to talk about in this day and age.


For Youth:

For more resources for Parents and Family and LGBTQ2+ Health, check out:

The Youth Projects Resource:

Sex and U: Trusted resource for sex and reproductive health:

Griffith Centre:

Additional Supports for Parents and Families:

Book: "From Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life":

Book: Uncommon Girls Paperback – by Carla Grant (Author)

For all Parents: 

Guidelines for Supporting Transgender and Gender Diverse People in the Work Place / Nova Scotia: