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What is your GSA up to? Hey, Cis! is a proud supporter of Nova Scotia GSAs - share your upcoming events with us and we'll be happy to include you on an upcoming Podcast! Whether you need a little getting started or some ideas to help get your organized, see our resources and templates below.


GSAs play a vital role in making schools safer for LGBTQQ students by providing supportive and accepting spaces as well as doing broader organizing work against homophobia and transphobia in school.

Depending on your GSA’s mission and goals, activities will change week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year.

There are three common types of GSAs, which all meet the different needs of youth in different types of school climates:

  • Social GSAs are generally helpful for youth trying to meet other LGBTQ & Ally students and make friends

  • Support GSAs are for students who are trying to create safe spaces to talk about the various issues they face

  • Activist GSAs are for those youth who are actively working to improve their school climate


Source: GSA Advisors Handbook:  

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For teachers to distribute to class on first day of school as an ice breaker:

Author: Isaac Cook

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Fundraising Ideas:

Connect with Pflag Halifax about fundraising to support the local non-profit:


  • Gays for Strays

  • Face Painting: International Coming out Day, Trans Day of Visibility, PRIDE Month in June (as Mac Makeup for a lend of their rainbow palette and brush!);

  • Everything from rainbow ribbons to candy sales on

  • Check out this handy 'How to Fundraise' toolkit on GSA network

  • What are you up to? Send us your ideas!


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Support Groups: Local and Beyond

Please note: I am based in Nova Scotia so we are heavy on the NS resource links. But email me and I'm happy to help find resources in your own province.



Meet a couple of amazing educators and advocates at The Transmission Tour


Further afield and south of the border USA Youth Guide:

Resource Guide for LGBTQ Students:

This is mostly American-based resources and it covers everything from scholarships and grants for students, how to find local LGBTQ+ events, clubs and organizations, and how to fight discrimination and cyberbullying - which is so important to talk about in this day and age.