Children are talking about gender. They're talking about relationships. This curiosity began long before they started elementary.

Let us all include every child in the conversation and remove the mystery surrounding gender diversity.


travelling inclusion library

Celebrate diversity together!

Your classroom will receive a selection of varying storybooks tailored by Grade and Age, featuring themes to foster empathy, acceptance and representation/visibility:

  • Diverse Families

  • Non-binary and transgender youth

  •  Intersectional and multicultural 2SLGBTQ representation and relationships


facilitators kit

Ask us about a Facilitators Kit

  • Thought-starter and curriculum-approved activities for each storybook;

  • Children's language guide and 'feelings poster';

  • Fundy, our Feelings Puppet!

  • SGF stickers (when available);

  • We Deliver within Halifax Regional Municipality and can arrange delivery for outside HRM upon request. Fee applies.

  • We get you started. With the help of Fundy, our education team will Introduce the friends and characters your students will be able to explore while the library visits in your classroom; 

  • Reflection Handout: At the end of the week, share with us your highlights; What did you learn?;

  • Next steps: What more can we answer? How can we continue support your classroom learning? Let's keep it going.


invest in inclusion

We deliver.

We collect  within HRM. Beyond HRM there is delivery fee.


We kindly request school makes a donation, where possible, to help grow our Inclusion Library. Donations directly 2SLGBTQ+ community locally.